About me? Let’s keep this simple and quick.  I am a conservative living in the Ohio/Kentucky area.  I am ex-military and have the utmost respect for the military, law enforcement, and the US as a whole.

This is our country, and the greatest country in the world.  There are those who want to change this, who want to see us fail and become a byline in the annals of history.  Sadly, our current president is one of them.

If a single person reads my articles, a single person learns something the press hid from them, a single person realizes that the Dems want to rule this country as a socialist fiefdom rather than the capitalism based republic that made it great…  I will be happy for the time and effort I put into this.

Republicans…  I urge you to do two things. 

First, study and learn.  Dems will never answer you with facts and facts are thier worst enemy.  I don’t know how many times I have asked a question or made a statement that has resulted in a reply of a slightly more civilized version of “oh yeah, well you are a poopy head”.  If you ever have a Democrat actually respond to your points with valid points that can be backed up objectively, thank them.  You will not have such a civil discussion often.  So, learn…read…memorize.  A Dem will not focus on the fact that you told them that Obama broke the law by firing an IG, called him senile, and gave him one hour to quit or be fired violating a law he co-sponsored.  The Dem will concentrate on the date, Walpin’s full name, or any other usless bit you can’t remember as proof that everything you said is wrong.   Back up what you say with non-political sources or better yet, MSM press.  Mention your source as Fox News or Rush and you are instantly wrong in thier eyes.  And expect hostility if you are on the ball with your facts.  There is nothing a Dem hates more than being proven wrong with facts.

 Secondly, spread the information that the news is hiding.  The press is liberal by a huge majority.  They live in a fantasy world where they will rule with the Liberals.  It always amazes me when I think about it because the first victims in a socialist takeover are the intellectuals and the press.  Anyway, they will shill for the Dems in any way they can, hiding facts, skewing polls, pushing lies.  We can let people know what they are missing out on.  Make them think.  Let them realize the next time they see the NY Times talking bad about Republicans, that there may be another side.

Don’t think you will change a Dems mind on something, you probably won’t.  Facts get in the way and are completely ignored if they do not match what the Dem wants.  But keep this in mind, the person standing next to you both, listening to you calmly state facts and the Dem screaming like an howler monkey about feelings and emotion, that person may decide whats going on by what you say.

Don’t despair, don’t give up.  Information is the best weapon we have and thier greatest weakness.

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