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“Never Let The Truth Ruin A Liberal Ideal”: NYT Blames Fox News For Sherrod Firing… Except That Fox Reported On Her AFTER She Was Fired.

Don’t worry Times.  No one expects you to be truthful or accurate anymore.  Just look at your sales numbers and you can see that.  Don’t let the facts get in the way of your story.

The only thing that they like more than making up a story is outing a top secret program to harm our security and put our people in danger.

Final question:  How did the main story here get lost?  (Yeah, I know, the MSM buried it)  Does anyone notice the nodding in agreement from the NAACP audience as she explains how she treated a white man with vapid racism?  Are their cries of disgust or boos?  No.  Its general agreement.  The NAACP had the audacity to accuse the Tea Party of racism when they are the obvious racists.

The New York Times on Thursday picked through the sordid saga of Shirley Sherrod, fired from her post at the U.S. Department of Agriculture after a clip of a speech to a gathering of a rural chapter of the Georgia NAACP appeared to show her hostility toward a white farmer seeking assistance.

A full version of the speech shows that was a set-up to Sherrod’s tale of racial reconciliation, though there are questions of how far her racial reconciliation really goes. That same speech reveals Sherrod accusing Republicans of being racist by opposing Obama and Obama-care, and Sherrod has gone on to accuse Fox News of using her as a "pawn" for its own reactionary, racist purposes.

Fox News didn’t run a report on the controversy until after Sherrod had resigned under White House pressure and after the NAACP had issued a press release condemning Sherrod. Yet in "For Fired Agriculture Official, Flurry of Apologies and Job Offer," reported by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Shaila Dewan, and Brian Stelter, and written by Stolberg, the Times chose to blame a cabal of "right-wing Web sites" and Fox News for fostering the Sherrod scandal which led to her dismissal. As if Fox forced Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to do its right-wing bidding without every actually running a single story on Sherrod until after her firing, when the point became moot.

NYT Implies Fox to Blame for Sherrod, But White House Acted Before Story Ran | NewsBusters.org

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