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CA Budget Comes Up $19B Short… Misses Constitutionally Required Deadline… For 24th Straight Year.

Gee, since Dems have been in control of California for so long, I don’t understand how things could be bad.  I would expect it to be a utopia of social programs, rolling in self sufficient wealth, happiness, and renewable power.

I am SHOCKED.  Oh, wait.  No I’m not.  Actually, I am surprised its not completely without money, unemployed, people running for the borders to get out (except for the illegals who are running in), and controlled by special interests. 

WOW.  Can I call it or what?

For the 24th straight year, California legislators have failed to deliver a state budget to the governor by the constitutionally-required deadline of June 15.  This year, the date came and went without so much as whimper. 

It’s become business as usual in the not-so-golden state. 

The danger in this delay will increase dramatically a few days from now, when the new fiscal year begins on July 1. 

That’s the time when the state starts spending money from the new budget, purportedly in accordance with how much money will be coming in.  Meanwhile, the Big 5–the governor and the four major leaders in the legislature–have done nothing to build a balanced state budget.  In fact, they have had exactly one meeting on the subject.

The most serious problem is that the state is $19 billion short of what it needs to provide current programs and services at current levels.  Given that California now ranks 47th in per capita public school expenditures and 50th in transportation, the state hasn’t been spending money like crazy.  Still, we’re short–very short–of what we need.  What to do? 

State Budget Comes Up $19B Short | NBC Bay Area

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