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Bill Would Require Doctors To Report How Fat Or Thin Your Child Is To The Feds

fat_kid_loves_McDs Not a big deal at first, but the next logical step is to threaten states with loss of funding if the kids are too fat. Then the laws forcing a government approved diet and monitoring follow.

I know, you liberals out there are screaming “but if the parents won’t do it, we have to”.  And I would agree, if you had a record of getting ANYTHING right.  The liberal agenda in schools has resulted in dumber kids who drop out.  When governments (especially liberals) parent kids, the kids always lose.

A bill introduced this month in Congress would put the federal and state governments in the  business of tracking how fat, or skinny, each child in American is. 

The bill would require states that receive federal dollars for health programs to track the Body Mass Index of children ages 2 through 18 annually through records collected by their health care providers. The legislation also requires the states to pass that data on to the Department of Health and Human Services for analysis.


  1. Katherine Kutchmark
    May 13, 2010 at 11:42 am

    I’ll tell you what…..the gov. should mind it’s own business, and they have plenty of it. They keep our minds on too many things to cover up the BIG things they are doing. I call this ‘obesity’ thing PROFILING and there is no other word for it. AND by the way, I weigh 134, my children are average wgt. If parents would stop buying all the extra video, etc things and send them outside, it would be great. Some people are too ‘dense’ to see all our liberties being taken away, small things one at a time til we have NONE. They go out to main avenues and take pix of heavy people and then splice them all together. If we don’t stop immigration and shore up our country from terrorists, there won’t be a world left to worry about obesity. I am 75 and have seen alot in my life. This is the worst this country had ever been under these communists. By the way, Al Gore, the GREEN guy just bought a huge home that will use up alot of our energy.

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