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Sigh. I Have Lost All Respect I Had For Palin. She Supports McCain AND Steele

Palin_sourpuss I was a real Palin fan.  Her honesty and staunch conservatism was what made me hope that she would step up and be a really strong presence in national politics.

Then, instead of stepping up, she stepped left, and supported McRINO McCain.  McCain is a joke of a Republican and is going to (hopefully) be replaced with a real conservative in November.


  • Fought against free speech with the unconstitutional McCain/Feingold fiasco
  • The McCain/Kennedy “Shamnesty” support for criminals illegal aliens
  • Opposed tax cuts
  • Torture
  • Global Warming
  • and the list goes on
  • There is no excuse for supporting him.  NONE.  Yet, Palin did so.  Well, maybe it was loyalty to a friend…  Yeah, that’s it.  Then she supports the RNC race-baiter, Steele.  Wait.  What?!!


Not the first time she’s defended him, but it’s even more mystifying now than it was then. What does she gain by doing this? Are they friends, or is she really so invested in the idea of “outsiders” playing a role that she’s willing to say something like, “I am glad that he is the leader of the party administratively”? Administratively? Really? I can’t remember a time when I’ve wished harder for an insider at the top of the party than in the past few weeks. The only theory I can come up with is that she’s so keen on building her own “outsider” brand that she’s willing to take the side of any Republican under fire from the party’s establishment.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Palin: I think Steele’s doing a great job

  1. Kitty
    April 8, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Kind of makes me sad too. Well…………….I guess we’ve found out

  2. April 8, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Remember, though, she nearly came VP under McCain, and he propelled her to national fame. If she turned her back on McCain, the media would probably start howling, so it’s not an easy situation to be in.

    Why she’s for Steele, though, is beyond me.

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