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Is It Just Me?

I am not religious and I have serious issues with how the Catholic Church has acted in the past and to some extent, how it acts now, but…

Yes, pedophilia is disgusting, wrong, and the priests who were involved should have various medical procedures performed on them with dull, rusty spoons.  Yes, any cover up of this needs to see the light of day.

But why haven’t we been hearing about this on a daily basis concerning Islam?

Islam ALLOWS children to be married and raped at age 9.

Islam PROTECTS the men who rape women requiring 4 male eye witnesses or the rape never occurred.  When that happens, the woman is arrested for adultery.

Islam ALLOWS underage children to be married to men 50 years their seniors.

Islam PROTECTS a male who rapes a female sister/cousin/etc, and PUNISHES the victim, often with death.

Why hasn’t this been in the news EVERY DAY, like the current Catholic scandal?  Why does no one care about the genital mutilation of children under Islam?  Why doesn’t anyone care that the person these animals put right up there with God was a pedophile who got a woody for a 4 year old (yeah, it’s in the Quran) and hid under blankets?

Some Catholic priests are bad.  Very bad.  And the Church probably covered it up at very high levels, but at no point did the Pope say “feel free to rape a 9 year old and if she tells, kill her".

The Pope never said anything like that, nor would any priest, but its a daily occurrence under Islam and protected by Shiara law.

So why Catholicism, but not Islam?

  1. Kitty
    April 1, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    I do not uphold ANY person who abuses especially children. BUT you also DON’T HEAR about the sexual abuses in the protestant churches. That is because they can’t be sued because they are not a universal united church like the Catholic Church. They prefer to keep these sexual matters ‘under wraps’. I read up on this a few years ago.
    AND I was raised protstant but I am one who looks on BOTH sides, not just one.

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