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Moonbattery: Socialized Medicine Around the World

Anyone shocked by this?  No?

As we’re nearing a possible vote on ObamaCare, it might serve to remind you Patriots, and you Nanny-State Progs, about the wonders of healthcare around the world.

ITALY: Need a mammogram? You’ll be able to get plenty done in the meantime — the average wait is 70 days.

GREAT BRITAIN: About 20 percent of patients with treatable colon cancer at the time of discovery are considered incurable by the time treatment is finally available.

CANADA: The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the government must stop restricting the private sector from providing health care when the national system (frequently) fails. Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin wrote "Access to a waiting list is not access to healthcare."

FRANCE: French workers pay about 19% of earnings in taxes for health insurance and yet still more than 90% purchase complimentary private insurance.

GREECE: Analysts believe Greece needs about 5,000 general practitioners to meet demand. They currently have about 600. The lack of doctors is so bad that it’s common for patients to offer bribes for appointments.

MASSACHUSETTS: "Universal health care will help cure our overcrowded emergency rooms!" the politicians claimed. Wrong. After it was implemented, patient visits actually rose by 7 percent between 2005 and 2007 and costs rose by 18 percent.

This is where Obama and Pelosi and Reid aim to take us, come hell or high water. So, respectfully but firmly make your voices heard. (See the list of 30 swing Democrat congressmen and give ’em a ring!)

Moonbattery: Socialized Medicine Around the World

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