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Obama Takes The Step And Pushes Reconciliation To Force What Most Of The US Doesn’t Want.

ObamaCareSymbolHere we go.  I really have no guess as to how this will play out.  Republicans are pretty much guaranteed to win the 2010 elections in a landslide whether it passes or not.  But will it pass?

I guess it depends on how many Democrats want to keep their jobs.  They have done so much damage to their party’s chances by this point that they are probably a lot of them thinking “what have I got to lose?”

If it does pass, will the Republicans have the balls to undo it?  Damn, I hope so.

President Obama is advocating the use of the budget reconciliation process to pass ObamaCare through the House and Senate.  This procedure also referred to as the ObamaCare Nuclear Option and the Health Care Nuclear Option because the liberals are using this procedure as a means to get around the filibuster in the Senate.  This same President Obama who opposed the Nuclear Option in 2005 as a back bench Senator.

Jake Tapper of ABC News wrote yesterday about the President’s announcement:

White House officials tell ABC News that in his remarks tomorrow President Obama will indicate a willingness to work with Republicans on some issue to get a health care reform bill passed but will suggest that if it is necessary, Democrats will use the controversial “reconciliation” rules requiring only 51 Senate votes to pass the “fix” to the Senate bill, as opposed to the 60 votes to stop a filibuster and proceed to a vote on a bill.

What is this the Nuclear Option?  It is a tactic to get around a Senate filibuster.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) could not get ObamaCare to the President’s desk with a huge majority in the House and a filibuster proof Senate.  Then Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) won in the Massachusetts Special Election and ended the Democrats 60 vote filibuster proof majority in the Senate.  What is a liberal to do?  Change the rules.

Obama Pushes Health Care Nuclear Option | Brian_D’s blog

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