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Al Gore Causing Deaths Now? Baby Survives 3 Days With Shot in Chest After Parents Commit Global Warming Suicide

What the hell?  As insane as believing in global warming is, it’s moot compared the the crazy involved in this.  How can you try to kill your children because you think the planet is warming?  You kill yourself because you believe the glaciers are melting?  WTF???!!!

I can never understand how any adult can purposely harm a child.  I am even more at a loss when its a parent.  HOW IN THE F*** IS GLOBAL WARMING A JUSTIFICATION FOR KILLING A CHILD?

The following is a public service announcement to all the idiots who believe the global warming hoax:  If you want to kill yourself and your family because of global warming, please kill yourself first.  

A seven-month old baby girl survived a shot to the chest after her parents shot themselves and their two-year-old in a global warming murder-suicide pact.

This is the last public photo of Francisco Lotero before he shot himself, his wife and two-year-old son in response to fears about global warming. (El Litoral)

The New York Post reported:

A seven-month-old girl miraculously survived alone for three days after one of her parents shot her in the chest – apparently as part of a bizarre murder-suicide pact blamed on global warming.

The baby was discovered with a bullet casing in her chest and covered with blood by police in the Argentinean city of Goya, near the bodies of her parents and 2-year-old brother, the Latin American Herald reported Saturday.

Police broke into the home after neighbors complained of a stench coming from the house. The boy was found with a gunshot wound in his back, while his parents died from gunshot wounds to the chest.

The parents, 56-year-old Francisco Lotero and 23-year-old Miriam Coletti, are believed to have been spurred by their fears about global climate change, London’s Telegraph reported.

Gateway Pundit

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