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The Eternal Question: Is Obama Evil Or Just That Dumb?

It’s often hard to tell.  Take this one for example.  Obama is reducing the amount of a tax write off that people who make over $250,000 per year get when donating to churches or charities.

Now, is this:

  1. Evil:  An attack on the churches and charities by destroying their high value donations
  2. Evil #2:  An attack on those who give have the audacity to have made money and give it to charity
  3. Dumb:  Does he actually believe, as they state, that this will bring in money?

Here is your answer, moron.  People who make a lot of money and are living the “American Dream” are looking for ways to save money in taxes, which are insanely high on those making big bucks.  One way is giving to charities.  You will stop that and the donations will dry up as these people look for other ways to save a bit on taxes.

So, does he actually know that and is evil or is he too dumb to realize it.  Only time will tell.

These are policies that President Obama has advocated in the past, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see them in his 2011 budget. Still, it’s hard not to be a little shocked. The budget says, at page 40:

Reduce the Itemized Deduction Write-off for Families with Incomes over $250,000.

Currently, if a middle-class family donates a dollar to its favorite charity or spends a dollar on mortgage interest, it gets a 15-cent tax deduction, but a millionaire who does the same enjoys a deduction that is more than twice as generous.

That’s because the "millionaire" pays income taxes that are more than twice as high. It isn’t "generous" for the government to refrain from taking all of your money. The document continues:

By reducing this disparity and returning the high-income deduction to the same rates that were in place at the end of the Reagan Administration, we will raise $291 billion over the next decade.

This is, of course, Orwellian. The "disparity" is in fact a disparity in tax rates–higher income people pay much more. And the reference to the Reagan administration must have been intended as a cruel joke on taxpayers. The "high-income deduction" will be the same as during the Reagan administration, but the high-income marginal tax rate won’t be, so now the deduction will apply to only half the contribution.

Power Line – Obama Attacks Churches, Charities and Home Values

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