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Did Obama Stop Lying At All During His SOTU?

Kitten rejects your reality Let’s see:

At the beginning of the last decade, America had a budget surplus of over $200 billion. By the time I took office, we had a one year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade. Most of this was the result of not paying for two wars, two tax cuts, and an expensive prescription drug program. On top of that, the effects of the recession put a $3 trillion hole in our budget. That was before I walked in the door.

Well, Obama.  When you took over the deficit was under $500 billion.  It was your “stimulus” and bailouts that ballooned it to over $1.4 TRILLION

Science of Global Warming

Nothing to even say there.  The audience even laughed at him.

And the list goes on…

When the president of the US is on stage telling people that the First Amendment got in the way of rules he liked and Congress needed to fix it…  When a Supreme Court Justice is sitting there saying “not true” while you speak…  You are a loser.

Tonight, Barack Obama said, “To close that credibility gap we must take action on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to end the outsized influence of lobbyists; to do our work openly; and to give our people the government they deserve.

“That’s what I came to Washington to do. That’s why – for the first time in history – my Administration posts our White House visitors online. And that’s why we’ve excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs or seats on federal boards and commissions.

Maybe this explains why his national security policies are so weak. He put William Lynn in the Pentagon as Deputy Defense Secretary. Mr. Lynn was a lobbyist for Defense Contractor Ratheon. I guess the Deputy Defense Secretary is not a policy-making job.

Barack Obama LIED! – Erick’s blog – RedState

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