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Hot Air » Blog Archive » CT poll shows support for ObamaCare crumbling

tombstone  Oh, ObamaCare.  We hardly knew you… because the Dems didn’t let us see.

  We have Brown to thank for this.  Not for getting elected and becoming vote #41.  If it was just one vote, Reid would have bought some RINO and got it past.  No, it was Brown showing just how pissed off people were.  Before that, Dems believed their own lies.

Could the same wave of voter anger over ObamaCare be building in another deep-blue state?  The Yankee Institute did an IVR poll of over 1500 Connecticut voters to determine whether the state, represented by two Democratic Senators, supports the health-care system overhaul currently in Congress.   The survey found what could be warning signs of another blue-state revolt:

  • Connecticut residents oppose the current bills in Congress by a margin of 51-34 percent
  • By a margin of 62-29 percent, Connecticut residents believe Congress has rushed the process and should take more time to get it right
  • More than three-quarters of voters, 77 percent, say they are very concerned or somewhat concerned that changes in health care will result in more government spending, higher taxes, and a bigger budget deficit.  61% described theselves as “very concerned” about these possibilities
  • Half of state residents say the changes to health care being considered will do more harm than good

That’s not all they found, either.  Almost every question on this survey contains bad news for Democrats — and explains why Joe Lieberman wanted to slow down the process and work on incremental reforms.  In fact, voters with an opinion on reform strategy broke almost 2-1 for the incremental approach rather than comprehensive reform, 44%/23%.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » CT poll shows support for ObamaCare crumbling

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