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Perfunction: Rapid Reaction Force

Obama RunningOuch.  Obama reacted instantly to the Reid racist remarks, but the Underwear Bomber… not so much.

During yesterday’s storm over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s candid racial remarks about then-candidate Obama, CNN Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry noticed something unusual about the rapid White House response:

big deal for WH to put out statement in President’s own words b/c elevates it. if they thought no big deal, would have had staffer quoted

Henry elaborated on President Obama’s singularly swift reaction to the crisis in two consecutive tweets:

btw, putting POTUS out there on Day One may be a smart political strategy b/c it may help stop the bleeding for Sen Reid

Nevertheless, all I was saying before is putting President out there on Day One elevates it, shows the urgency of problem for Sen Reid

The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder broke the Reid story by picking up an early copy of the bombshell-laden "Game Change" just before midnight Friday — 11:49 PM ET to be precise. However, the story really didn’t get legs until mid-morning Saturday when bed-headed bloggers finally swarmed!-swarmed!

By Saturday afternoon, Reid had apologized to the President and the apology was instantly accepted — 3:49 PM ET to be precise.

Applying the most generous measure, the President personally and publicly responded to this emergency in 16 hours flat or as Ed Henry repeatedly noted, on "Day One." A White House press flack didn’t issue a press release or go on television — the President himself rescued Reid from his calamity with lightning speed.

Perfunction: Rapid Reaction Force

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