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Obama: My New Security Plan Is To Direct My People To Do What They Were Doing Successfully Under Bush

Wow.  Do you notice how many things he has to do like Bush did to make them work?

Was this the "shock" that Brennan (IIRC) promised would be coming out?

In a revealing admission, President Barack Obama said today he was directing U.S. intelligence agencies to begin to do something many had assumed they were already doing: "[A]ssigning specific responsibility for investigating all leads on high priority threats so that these leads are pursued and acted upon aggressively."

"That is a shock because we had such a follow-up system when I was there," said Richard Clarke, the White House counter-terrorism director in the Clinton and Bush administrations. Clarke, who worked on the Obama transition team, is now an ABC News consultant.

What order, or informal "suggestion," by Obama overturned that previous system?

What the hell?

Obama’s entire framework on terrorism has been, until now, entirely in the plane of the perfectly theoretical. He has never had a position of genuine responsibility and could afford to indulge his silly-sod leftist "theories" on how just being super-duper-nice to jihadists would make them love us and make all of this mellow-harshing shit go away.

The left liked to do that with Bush — they could always question him for being, supposedly, too insensitive to the putative rights of terrorists, because they never had the awesome responsibility of protecting people’s very lives. They could kvetch and quibble and posture and play politics and indulge fantasy "theories" to their little hearts’ content.

Obama: As Part of My Bold New Strategy For Combating Terror, I Hereby Order Intelligence Agencies to Do Something They Should Have Already Been Doing and Were Doing Under Bush– Following Up on Terrorist Tips

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