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Why Are The Republicans Blocking Obama’s TSA Pick?

In a comment in a different post, a liberal reader used this as an example as why all the security problems are because of Bush and the Dems.  So, here are the facts:

  1. Obama didn’t even get around to nominating someone to the position until September.  This was obviously not a major concern for him.  Nine months waiting for him to come up with someone so Congress could check him out and see what was wrong with him, as seems to be the case with every Obama nominee.
  2. Southers refuses to answer a simple question that Senator DeMint has asked and he has said he will not lift the hold on his nomination until it is answered.  The question is “does Southers think the TSA should be allow to collectively bargain for rules and procedures?”  Think about that.  Unions are a major hindrance to any change, yet terror threats change all the time and let’s not even discuss what would happen if they decided to strike.  Southers refuses to answer this.  My guess is that he wants them to be able to allow them collective bargaining, but knows that everyone knows it would hurt security so he avoids saying so.
  3. He accessed private information on people for personal reasons without a police order.  Then he lied to Congress about it.

This is the man we want in charge of security?  Someone who will look up your records and hand them over to people if he doesn’t like you and then lie about it?

Come on, we already have a “Safe Schools” czar pushing prostitution, fisting, and homosexual sex to elementary school kids.  We have an idiot who thinks the system works when the only thing that saved the plane was quick thinking passengers and a dud trigger.  We have a government that is going to offer deals to this terrorist if he will please give us some info.  And now this guy?

Here is an idea.  Find someone honest, strong, hardworking, and who puts the security of the US and its citizens first.  Nominate them and we will have no problem with them.  Oh, wait.  No liberal would meet those criteria.

The Washington Examiner notes that Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC, 100%) has put a "hold" on Erroll Southers, Barack H. Obama’s nominee to head up the Transportation Security Agency (TSA). The Senate has not yet acted on Southers’ nomination for two good reasons.

First, there is DeMint’s hold, which is due to Southers’ refusal so far to answer one simple question:

DeMint won’t withdraw his hold until Southers answers a simple question — does he think TSA employees should be allowed to collectively bargain with the government on workplace rules and procedures? To date, Southers has declined to give a definitive response to DeMint’s question, even though it’s importance was highlighted by the attempted Christmas Day massacre of nearly 300 people aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The 23-year-old Nigerian Muslim terrorist boarded the Detroit-bound flight despite having explosives sewn into his knickers.

(Hat tip to Paul Mirengoff at Power Line.)

Second, the Senate has dilly-dallied in taking up the nomination because Southers has been too busy giving false testimony to that august body, and Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME, 20%) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT, 85% Dem) have been holding his nose to the fire about it. Again, we turn to Power-Line Paul:

It looks like Erroll Southers, the Obama administration’s nominee to head the TSA, corrected his testimony about his abuse of his position with the FBI only after Senator Susan Collins learned that his tesimony was inconsistent with FBI records and asked him to account for the inconsistency. To summarize this situation, about which I wrote here, In an affidavit, Southers admitted to Congress that he was censured by the FBI in 1988 for using his position to gain access to data about his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. He claimed that he had asked a co-worker’s husband who worked for the police to run the database search. When Senator Collins asked Southers whether this was the only case in which he engaged in this serious abuse, he testified that it was.

Later, however, Southers sent a letter to Collins and Senator Lieberman (the two key members of the Senate Homeland Security Committe) stating that on two occasions, not one, he misused his position to gain access to information about the "boyfriend." Moreover, he did not ask the police to run the search; rather, he ran it himself and passed the information on to the police….

Big Lizards:Blog:Entry “Terror Strike Out”

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