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Remember That Iran NIE Report We Slammed Bush About? Yeah, About That…

 obamafacepalmLet’s look at the headlines at the time:

  • NIE Report on Iran Contradicts Bush Claims – NPR
  • NIE Report: Iran Halted Nuclear Weapons Program Years Ago – ABC News
  • Bush Administration Credibility Suffers After Iran NIE Report – Fox News
  • NIE: Iran ‘Halted’ Nuclear Weapons Program In 2003, Unlikely To Develop A Weapon In This Decade – ThinkProgress  (I love this quote: “But even with Cheney’s meddling, this NIE makes it clear that there is no imminent danger from Iran’s nuclear program.”)
  • US Spy Agencies: Actually, It Turns Out That Iran Is Developing Nukes (UPDATE: Obama On The NIE: "Bush Continues To Not Let Facts Get In The Way Of His Ideology") – link
  • The NIE Iran Report and Alan Dershowitz – HuffPo (Best quote: “Of course, as we now know, the intelligence community, especially the CIA, was right and the Right was wrong.” )
    Well, now the Obama administration admit that the NIE report was BS, just like Bush’s administration said.  What a shock!

An “oh, by the way” detail buried in a long Times piece about recent setbacks to Iran’s nuclear program. This isn’t really a secret — officials as high up as Panetta were mumbling about weaponization as far back as February and the U.S. intel community generally has been inching away from the document for months — but after all the leftist screeching about warmongering and politicized intelligence when the NIE came out and declared Iran’s weapons program dead since ‘03, it deserves a little extra attention.

Mr. Obama’s top advisers say they no longer believe the key finding of a much disputed National Intelligence Estimate about Iran, published a year before President George W. Bush left office, which said that Iranian scientists ended all work on designing a nuclear warhead in late 2003.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Top Obama advisors: We no longer believe the 2007 NIE on Iran’s weapons program

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