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These “scientists” are really annoying me.

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I happened to come across an article about “Dark Matter” on a particle theory blog.  The part of it that really caught my eye was this “note” from a senior editor at Nature.  Now, keep in mind that this retard is a senior editor over there.

He attacks this guy instead of correcting a mistake.  He baselessly accuses Fox News of being full of lies (still waiting for someone who says this to give me an example).  And, finally, he blows off any questions this guy has by, in essence saying, “we are right you are wrong… accept it”.

This is a perfect example of the bleeding heart liberal “science” today.  Accept what we say and how dare you question anything.  These fools have been pushing flawed “science” and trying to force us to accept it.

They come up with computer models so screwed up they can’t predict what happened 5 years ago, never mind 20 years into the future.

They  knowingly use flawed temperature sensor data.

They refuse to allow the peer review required by the scientific method, to the point of refusing to release ANY data at all, but throw the term around when it means “reviewed by people who already agree with us”

Any disagreeing research is, instead of being reviewed and discussed, is attacked, ridiculed, and hidden if possible.

And when exposed… they attack anyone who disagrees, instead of proving they are right.

That’s liberals pushing for power and money, not science.  Those of us who watched this for years didn’t need ClimateGate, but we are glad its showing the rest of the world these “scientists” lies.

I was alerted to your blog of yesterday (you certainly don't make contacting you easy). Your "fact" #1, that Nature is about to publish a
CDMS paper on dark matter, is completely false. This would be instantly
obvious to the most casual observer because the purported date of publication is a Friday, and Nature is published on Thursdays. Your "fact" therefore contains as much truth as the average Fox News story, and I would be grateful if you would correct it immediately.

Your comments about the embargo are therefore, within this context, ridiculous. Peer review is a process, the culmination of which is publication. We regard confidentiality of results during the process as a matter of professional ethics, though of course authors are free to post to arxiv at any point during the process (we will not interfere with professional communication of results to peers).

Dr Leslie Sage
Senior editor, physical sciences
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