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If ObamaCare passes, how will you get doctors to support it without MORE laws?

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An interesting, but unmentioned point I found in this article about the consequences of liberal laws.  Doctors are loathe to take Medicare now.  The money it pays is not worth the work they have to do, without adding all the additional work of tons of paperwork, rules, red tape, etc.  So, what do many doctors do?  They don’t accept it and instead work for those that can pay their regular fees or for insurance companies who will recompense them fairly.

The point is this:  What happens if ObamaCare passes?  The situation is even worse with the idea of making the fiscally failing Medicare even bigger.  Where will you find a doctor?

Now, this leaves the liberals in quandary.  They forced this huge boondoggle on us, but no doctors will work for it.  The only solution I can see then is to force US doctors to accept it if they want to practice.

Other than taking away a doctor’s right to choose who he can legally treat and what he can accept as payment, does anyone else see a way out of it?  I am sure there are plenty of other things like this that will happen that I haven’t even thought of yet.  You can be sure that, if the liberals have thought of them, they don’t give a damn.

A frighteningly large percentage of doctors have looked at those reimbursement rates and have decided it’s not worth their while to see Medicare patients:

The solution to this problem is to find doctors who accept Medicare insurance — and to do it well before reaching age 65. But that is not always easy, especially if you are looking for an internist, a primary care doctor who deals with adults. Of the 93 internists affiliated with New York-Presbyterian Hospital, for example, only 37 accept Medicare, according to the hospital’s Web site.

Two trends are converging: there is a shortage of internists nationally — the American College of Physicians, the organization for internists, estimates that by 2025 there will be 35,000 to 45,000 fewer than the population needs — and internists are increasingly unwilling to accept new Medicare patients.

via The Blindness Of The Left To The Consequences Of Their Decisions: The Medicare Edition | Right Wing News.


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