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IMAO » Top Ten Accomplishments of Harry Reid as Majority Leader

Too damn funny.  And, yes, Harry Reid is a bad porn name… and too frightening to consider.

Harry Reid (I’m sure it’s been said before, but it bears repeating: that’s an awful, awful porn name) compared opponents of Obamacare to opponents of the abolition of slavery (didn’t slaves get free health care?). Harry Reid hasn’t exactly made many friends as Majority Leader in the Senate and looks to be having a tough reelection fight in 2010. It makes one wonder exactly what he has accomplished as Majority Leader. Well, here’s a list of his top ten accomplishments:


10. Got a bi-partisan group of Republicans and Democrats to request that he use less aftershave.

9. Got lost in a coat closet.

8. Ranted on C-SPAN about how everyone in D.C. smells.

7. Forgot his pants on thirty-two separate occasions.

6. Was repeatedly warned not to bite children touring the Capitol.

5. Started a filibuster that didn’t end until he was removed by security from the express lane at the Piggly Wiggly.

4. Has angrily shaken his fist more than any other Majority Leader.

3. Has on repeated occasions responded to questions about Nevada with really confused looks.

2. Wrote an intergalactic defense bill after being startled by a helicopter.

And the number one accomplishment of Harry Reid while majority leader…

Forced a bill through the senate telling kids to stay off his lawn.

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