Home > News > MSM: Swiss ban minirets, but mosques are ok? Intolerant racists. Muslims ban churches, synagogues, temples? That’s fine.

MSM: Swiss ban minirets, but mosques are ok? Intolerant racists. Muslims ban churches, synagogues, temples? That’s fine.

Damn good point.  Where was the MSM’s indignation and fury when Islamic countries don’t allow churches or synagogues  to be built, while we clearly see their furor over banning minirets.  They can build mosques, just not the political symbols of Muslim control.

As usual, the MSM’s anti-Semitic/anti-Christian double standard is shown.  Huge numbers of missiles fired into civilian areas of Israel?  Silence.  One strategic strike against terrorist by Israel?  War crimes!  75.7% of all hate crimes are against Jews and Christians (vast majority of 66% against Jews, 8.7% against Christians)? Silence.  7.5% against Muslims?  Calls of Muslim persecution, racial profiling, etc.

The thing that really amazes me is that, lets just say the worst happened and Muslims took over the country.  Do any of these liberal fools believe they would survive that?  They would be its first victims.

Yesterday, the New York Times published an editorial condemning Switzerland as “intolerant” for having voted to ban minarets—minarets, not mosques.

God, I cannot recall an editorial in their pages condemning Arab and Muslim countries for not allowing any Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, or Hindu and Bahai temples to be built. Nor has the Paper of Record really focused on the real refugee story in the Middle East: that of Arab Jews who were forced to flee the Islamic world and came as refugees to Israel between 1948-1956 and constituted a “silent” exodus, one which is still ongoing. My friend Pierre Rehov directed and distributed the most haunting and powerful film with this exact title.

Further, in today’s New York Times, a typically biased piece titled “Jewish Nationalists Clash with Palestinians” also appeared. Note: The headline does not say “Israeli citizens,” nor does it describe the Palestinians as “nationalists” as well. But the main omission is this: The Times’ Isabel Kershner fails to note that the confrontation turned ugly when Americans and Europeans (Swedes) physically assaulted Jewish “nationalists” with clubs and stones. What are they doing here?

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