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Homeland Security Brownshirts Pay Pastor Manning a Visit?

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I don’t really keep up on the whole “Birther” thing.  As I have said before, Obama is hiding something that his birth certificate, but I have no idea what.  We will never know because there is no way Obama will release it.  I also think that it needs to be a requirement from now on that all presidential candidates publically prove their eligibility for the office so this sort of crap won’t happen again.

Anyway, this guy, Pastor Manning, is a VERY outspoken Birther and suposedly got a little visit from Homeland Security.  He thinks he will be arrested for making threats against the life of the president.  If he did, hurry up and arrest him.

The video that he says he was asked about is here:  http://atlah.org/atlahworldwide/?p=1193

If they arrest him for that, well, the CIA just became the Secret police.

Do I have an opinion as to what is going on?  Not at all.  We have heard only part of one side of this.  I don’t have enough information to make an opinion.  So why post it?

Just to say, “keep an eye on this one”.  This will be somewhere between stupidly entertaining to frightening oppression.  Anything that falls within those extremes should be watched closely.

Is Manning free to express his opinion in the public albeit youtube?  Me thinks not. Increasingly, the water comes to boil.

And why is O so sensitive about the COLB? Why not just  release the long form and put this baby to bed

Pastor James David Manning Visited By Secret Service Seales (hat tip Katherine)

Pastor James David Manning, one of President Obama’s most vocal and outspoken critics, has just released a video in which he claims that on the afternoon of November 16th, 2009, while at his ATLAH World Missionary Church, he was visited by two CIA agents.  Manning says the agents claimed that they were from Homeland Security and were accompanied by two NYPD Detectives.

Though he did not go into detail about the specifics of the alleged encounter (and probably with good reason), Manning did say that the agents asked him about certain statements that he made about President Obama in a video message distributed by ATLAH Ministries entitled “Tea Party Members: Go Viral On The Birth Certificate”.

Manning can explain this alot better than I can, so further details regarding the comments in question can be heard in the video by Pastor Manning at the end of this post.

Pastor Manning also said he expects to be arrested within the next few days and charged with “the threat against the life of a U.S. President”, and that he believes that this arrest is “imminent”.

However, Manning says he welcomes the arrest and will not attempt to resist. He believes it is possible that God will use his arrest to finally bring about the truth regarding Obama’s citizenship.

Homeland Security Brownshirts Pay Pastor Manning a Visit – Atlas Shrugs

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