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Obama’s method of improvement? Lower the standards as low as you can and even then fail to succeed

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Everyday, I see more and more evidence of the pathetic attempts of Obama to convince the public of how great he is.  The biggest problem he has is that, for the most part, the public are not the blind, simpletons he thinks they are.

So, when you are a worthless, anti-American, anti-capitalism, pro-socialist, pro-tyrant buffoon, how do you succeed?

  1. Do everything the public don’t want
  2. Lower the standards to a ridiculous level
  3. Get the liberal press to back it up

What do I mean?  Well, lets take a look.

Afghanistan:  The generals have a plan to win, based on the very successful surge in Iraq.  Obama doesn’t want to win, so his solution is to say “we never planned on trying to turn them into a true democracy”  –link

Stimulus:  The stimulus money is used to reward Obama cronies and friends, with token amounts used to actually help unemployment, like it was supposed to.  So, Obama lowers the standard and invents “jobs created or saved”.  Under his new standards, Obama “created or saved” more jobs than even existed at some places, others were counted when the stimulus money was used to give out raises. –link

GM:  Unlike Ford, which posted a profit, GM is failing horribly.  Now its time to announce the company financials.  Oh no.  That would be bad news for Obama’s multi-billion dollar bailout.  Not if you lower the standards.  Lets see… all other companies have to report financials using General Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).   That would look bad, let’s skip it.  We also don’t want to compare them to before the bailout.  You know what else would be bad news?  If we included EVERY month of loss in there… lets dump a few.  –link


This fool even tried to rename the “Stimulus” bill so it wouldn’t actually have to stimulate anything.

So, welcome to the new USA, where you can’t fail if you lower the bar far enough.

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