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Breaking: Fort Hood Shooter Alive. Also, Narrative Takes A Hit, Hasan Seems To Be A Pretty Big Fan Of Suicide Bombers

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Now, why wasn’t an investigation done?  Could it be because of those “be nice to Muslims” memos from the WH?

Army press conference right now.

Now they are saying it’s a single shooter, Hasan, and he is in the hospital.

The officer who shot him was thought to be dead but she’s alive and out of surgery.

Damn. Just remember Hasan Akbar is still alive. I have no idea why. Well, I guess I do.

I was going to do this as a separate post but I figured I’d add it on here….

In a comment on one of the threads I half joked that tomorrow’s spin on Hasan would be he was so sad from hearing other soldiers stories that he had PTSD by osmosis or something.

Alas it’s been the spin tonight.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Hasan had put up some web positing expressing admiration for suicide bombers.

The postings appeared to have been made by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who was killed during the shootings at the Army post incident that left least 11 others dead and 31 wounded. The officials say they are still trying to confirm that he was the author. They say an official investigation was not opened.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case.

One of the Web postings that authorities reviewed is a blog that equates suicide bombers with a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save the lives of his comrades.

Breaking: Fort Hood Shooter Alive. Also, Narrative Takes A Hit, Hasan Seems To Be A Pretty Big Fan Of Suicide Bombers


Media LOATHE to admit the Fort Hood shooter was Muslim

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Shep wouldn’t even repeat the name that other news stations were releasing.

Let me say it right now:  Major Malik Nadal Hasan

One of the people on Fox News said it was very odd that the military was so slow to release information, like they were protecting something.

Yes, they were.  Obama has opened up a new era of understanding and capitulation to Muslims and we can’t let everyone know that Obama has made Muslims bolder.  Honor killings left and right, this shooting, and so on…

Islam does NOT respond to weakness except to attack.  It responds to strength and power.

Fort Hood Shooting – At least 7 dead. 1 shooter in custody, one on the loose: Update – 12 dead, shooter killed – Update: the bastard is alive.

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Map picture

Nothing more than that so far.  I will update as I find out new info.

Update 1:  Fox news says the Army post on lockdown.  They are also saying that 2 shooter may be loose.  One is definitely in custody.

Update 2:  Pentagon is confirming something happened.  Fox is saying 12 injured.

Update 3:  Third shooter is shooting right now!

From ABC News Channel 25":

Update 2:35 Killeen ISD has 9 schools, all on post, on lockdown. KISD asks parents to stay away.

Update 2:30 Fort Hood is asking people on post to stay away from windows. Belton ISD is on Lockdown

Update 2:22 Fort Hood reports 7 people are dead 12 are wounded and one person is in custody.

Update 2:17 Temple ISD Schools Have Been locked down as part of this incident. The district’s spokeswoman tells News Channel 25 Temple Police are placing officers at each TISD campus. The schools will dismiss as usual.

Update 4:  Army confirms 7 dead and 20 wounded.

Update 5:  Captured shooter is injured.  Wounded may be as high as 30.  Shootings occurred at processing center that processed soldiers outgoing to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Update 6:  12 dead.  Shooter killed, according to Lt Gen.  2 others apprehended and being questioned.

Update 7:  Unconfirmed report.  The primary shooter is a Major…  and a convert to Islam.

Update 8:  Major Malik Nadal Hasan is reported as the shooter’s name

Obama fails at Surrender: US offers Taliban 6 provinces — Taliban says no – Wait… Obama did what?!!?

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Can I call him a traitor yet?  Is it time now?

This is not only suicidal, (think of your troops dying over there), it is embarrassing.

The world needs a good cop. What would happen if the cops in your nabe shrugged?

Surrender: US offers Taliban 6 provinces — Taliban says no

They rejected the offer; they’d prefer to have the whole thing, thankyouverymuch. 

"US Offers Taliban 6 Provinces for 8 Bases," by Aamir Latif for Islam Online, November 2 (thanks to all who sent this in):

ISLAMABAD – The emboldened Taliban movement in Afghanistan turned down an American offer of power-sharing in exchange for accepting the presence of foreign troops, Afghan government sources confirmed.

"US negotiators had offered the Taliban leadership through Mullah Wakil Ahmed Mutawakkil (former Taliban foreign minister) that if they accept the presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan, they would be given the governorship of six provinces in the south and northeast," a senior Afghan Foreign Ministry official told requesting anonymity for not being authorized to talk about the sensitive issue with the media.

Obama fails at Surrender: US offers Taliban 6 provinces — Taliban says no – Atlas Shrugs

CBO Scores Republican Plan: Costs a Mere $61 Billion, Cuts $68 Billion from Deficit, Reduces Premiums Up to Ten Percent!

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Well this looks like a much better solution…

At last, a plan that actually does precisely what it is sold as doing: Making health care insurance more affordable to the middle class and reducing the deficit, rather than making it more expensive and blowing up the deficit.

Flaming skull worthy? I think it damnwell is.

The CBO put the price tag for the GOP plan at $61 billion, a fraction of the $1.05 trillion cost estimate it gave to the House bill that lawmakers are set to vote on this weekend. And the CBO found that the Republican provision to reform medical malpractice liability would result in $41 billion in savings and increase revenues by $13 billion by reducing the cost of private health insurance plans. …

According to CBO, the GOP bill would indeed lower costs, particularly for small businesses that have trouble finding affordable health care policies for their employees. The report found rates would drop by seven to 10 percent for this group, and by five to eight percent for the individual market, where it can also be difficult to find affordable policies.

The GOP plan would have the smallest economic impact on the large group market that serves people working for large businesses that have access to the cheapest coverage. Those premiums would decline by zero to 3 percent, the CBO said.

That small reduction still accrues to those already with the cheapest insurance, of course, and those who already have it through their employers.

And the Democratic plan? Premiums will go up, taxes will go up, we all know that. He says we’re trying to make them go up less than they would, but they’re still going up.

CBO Scores Republican Plan: Costs a Mere $61 Billion, Cuts $68 Billion from Deficit, Reduces Premiums Up to Ten Percent

Charlie Crist: It’s Not That I’m a RINO. It’s That I’m Functionally Retarded.

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You have got to be kidding.

Obama Stimulus…? Not ringing any bells.

What year is it? Is my name "Patient"? I think that nurse is stealing from me. Is it cold in here? Can we get to Red Lobster by 4:00? I have a coupon, or did, before my schvatze nurse stole it from me.

I know it’s Florida, but… I don’t think that anyone’s going to buy Crist’s attempt to plead dementia on his record.

Charlie Crist: It’s Not That I’m a RINO. It’s That I’m Functionally Retarded.

Cost of Pelosi Plan: $1.8 trillion, adds over $650 billion to deficit. So much for deficit neutral. As Joe said… YOU LIE

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ObamaCareSymbol Well, what a surprise.  Pelosi lied.  Obama lied.

  • Covers illegal immigrants?  Check
  • Covers abortion?  Check
  • Adds hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit?  Check
  • Has rationing/death panels?  Check
  • Makes people with pre-existing conditions wait 6 months for coverage?  Check
  • Costs double what Pelosi said it would?  Check
  • As Joe Wilson said…  YOU LIE!

Nancy Pelosi tried selling the notion that her version of ObamaCare would only cost $900 billion in the first ten years, later bumped to over $1 trillion when looking at gross costs.  Harry Reid’s Senate version promises to come in at around the same level.  However, both versions rely on three years of delay in implementing their spending plans, which allows for accrual of revenues from new taxes as well as a false sense of the real ten-year costs in the bills.  The New York Post reads the CBO report and discovers that the actual ten-year cost is twice what Pelosi claimed:

Don’t buy the claim that the Sen ate health-care bill is substantially more moderate than the House measure. While Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s legislation is even more onerous than the package created by Sen. Max Baucus and now championed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the larger story is how similar the two Democratic bills are.

First, we need to get past the misleading accounting games. Each bill is routinely “scored” for its 10-year costs from 2010-19. Yet this includes several years when the spending wouldn’t yet have kicked in. According to the Congressional Budget Office, fully 99.9 percent of the Pelosi bill’s costs would hit from 2013 onward. Similarly, 98.3 percent of Reid’s spending would come after 2014.

If you start the tally when the bills’ spending would actually start (in 2013 for the House bill and 2014 for the Senate bill), then the bills’ real 10-year costs become clear — and are remarkably similar.

The CBO reports that, in their true first 10 years, the House bill would cost $1.8 trillion, and the Senate bill would cost $1.7 trillion. Pelosi would raise Americans’ taxes by $1.1 trillion over that period, while Reid would hike them by $1 trillion.

And the House bill would siphon about $800 billion from Medicare to spend it elsewhere, while the Senate bill would suck out about $900 billion.

What does that do to the deficit?  According to the CBO, the first ten years of the Pelosi plan would add $650 billion to the deficit, while the Reid plan in the Senate would hike it by $740 billion.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Actual 10-year cost of Pelosi Plan: $1.8 trillion