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Nancy Pelosi is firmly living in a fantasy world

Ok, first thing.  Yes, the conservative Hoffman, lost in NY-23, but came damn close.  Let’s put that in perspective.  An unknown person, running in a third party almost took a heavily Democratic area in a heavily Democratic state.  He almost took it, even with the deceptive “Republican” using a million dollars of GOP money (idiots) to get the vote out for the Democrat.

I think that would have been very different if the GOP had actually supported the conservative, instead of the liberal DIABLO.

Keeping that in mind and the fact that the Dems lost the governorship of two states that voted for Obama, one of which he personally campaigned for (on taxpayers money…), Pelosi would be eating a bit of humble pie, wouldn’t you think?

I mean, her party was bitch-slapped last night, right?  Nope.  Not in Pelosi-land…

They lost the Virginia gubanatorial race by 18 points in a state Barack Obama won by 6 points last year.
They lost the New Jersey gubanatorial race by 4 points in a state Barack Obama won by 15 points last year.
But, facts don’t matter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi
She rejoiced today saying, “We won last night.”

“From our perspective, we won last night,” the California Democrat told reporters during a Wednesday photo op. “We had one race that we were engaged in, it was in northern New York, it was a race where a Republican has held the seat since the Civil War. And we won that seat. So, from our standpoint, no, a candidate was victorious who supports health care reform, and his remarks last night said this was a victory for health care reform and other initiatives for the American people.”

She’s still ready to ram that nationalized health care bill through the House this week.

UPDATE: 2 lies in 1 statement.
As pointed out below. Democrat Bill Owens campaigned against the public option.
Pelosi was lying.

Gateway Pundit

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