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Wall Street Journal Calls ObamaCare ‘The Worst Bill Ever’ |

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091809pelosi OUCH!

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board didn’t pull any punches Monday when it declared Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Cal.) healthcare legislation "The Worst Bill Ever."

The sub-headline made things even clearer:

Epic new spending and taxes, pricier insurance, rationed care, dishonest accounting: The Pelosi health bill has it all.

But the first three must-read paragraphs said it all:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told fellow Democrats that she’s prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that’s what it takes to pass ObamaCare, and little wonder. The health bill she unwrapped last Thursday, which President Obama hailed as a "critical milestone," may well be the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced.

In a rational political world, this 1,990-page runaway train would have been derailed months ago. With spending and debt already at record peacetime levels, the bill creates a new and probably unrepealable middle-class entitlement that is designed to expand over time. Taxes will need to rise precipitously, even as ObamaCare so dramatically expands government control of health care that eventually all medicine will be rationed via politics.

Yet at this point, Democrats have dumped any pretense of genuine bipartisan "reform" and moved into the realm of pure power politics as they race against the unpopularity of their own agenda. The goal is to ram through whatever income-redistribution scheme they can claim to be "universal coverage." The result will be destructive on every level—for the health-care system, for the country’s fiscal condition, and ultimately for American freedom and prosperity.

After the Journal detailed the fiscal irresponsibility oozing throughout this piece of legislation, the piece rolled to a spectacular crescendo:

All of this is intentional, even if it isn’t explicitly acknowledged. The overriding liberal ambition is to finish the work began decades ago as the Great Society of converting health care into a government responsibility. Mr. Obama’s own Medicare actuaries estimate that the federal share of U.S. health dollars will quickly climb beyond 60% from 46% today. One reason Mrs. Pelosi has fought so ferociously against her own Blue Dog colleagues to include at least a scaled-back "public option" entitlement program is so that the architecture is in place for future Congresses to expand this share even further.

As Congress’s balance sheet drowns in trillions of dollars in new obligations, the political system will have no choice but to start making cost-minded decisions about which treatments patients are allowed to receive. Democrats can’t regulate their way out of the reality that we live in a world of finite resources and infinite wants. Once health care is nationalized, or mostly nationalized, medical rationing is inevitable—especially for the innovative high-cost technologies and drugs that are the future of medicine.

Wall Street Journal Calls ObamaCare ‘The Worst Bill Ever’ |


Muzzles are not enough: dogs are weapons | Give me a break!

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I am sure that the Muslims are thrilled by this one.

While all the talk at Westminster is of Lisbon, Legg and quantitative easing, on the streets of London and our other major cities much of the talk is of something else entirely. There is a new weapon in town: lethal, intimidating and yet openly carried, largely with impunity.

While an illegal gun will get you ten years inside, and a knife four years, there is a weapon that can tear off a man’s arm but will get you only up to six months or, more likely, a small fine. More and more people are using their dogs as instruments of fear and attack and they are choosing certain types and breeds. It’s not just the owners we must be concerned about; there is also something in the dogs that must be considered. These breeds are chosen for a reason.

Muzzles are not enough: dogs are weapons | Kit Malthouse – Times Online

Congratulations Ford on your Q3 profit! Way to show the US what real leadership and capitalism works!

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Ford Outstanding.  Ford didn’t dip into the poison pot and take Obama’s bailout money.  They did it on their own.  Now there is talk of a second bailout for GM and Chrysler may be taken apart completely as they slide into oblivion.  Instead of following the sheep, Ford did what a good capitalist should do, adjust and fix the problems.

And they are reaping the rewards of that.  They are making a profit and expect more.

Wall Street is watching this.  They see what Obama’s golden touch has done to companies and they also see how those who turn away from him do.

The unions tried to put Ford on uneven footing by giving GM and Chrysler special deals.  How did that work for you, guys?  Remember who you voted for and who you supported when you head over to Ford to ask for a job after GM and Chrysler collapse.

Analysts expected Ford to take a 20-cent per share loss in the third quarter.  Instead, the automaker beat that by 46 cents, posting its first quarterly profit in over a year, and making believers on Wall Street:

Ford Motor Co., the only major U.S. automaker to avoid bankruptcy, posted a $997 million net income in the third quarter and its first operating profit since early 2008. It expects to be “solidly profitable” in 2011.

On an adjusted basis, Ford reported a quarterly pretax profit of $1.1 billion, or 26 cents a share, compared with a year-earlier loss of $3 billion or $1.32. Ford beat the 20-cents per share adjusted loss it was forecast to report by an average of 11 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. …

“Ford is a company that’s well into a turnaround,” said Bernie McGinn, president of McGinn Investment Management of Alexandria, Virginia, which owns about 320,000 Ford shares. “They did it by themselves and didn’t take government money. That gives people a good gut feeling and they’re being rewarded for that.”

While GM and Chrysler struggle, Ford has built a new reputation for independence and competence.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Ford posts a profit in Q3

Obama’s ACORN Czar Behind Scozzafava’s Flip to Dem Owens

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 obamacornAnd ACORN is involved in this one too.  Thanks again, Newt.  Thanks GOP.

So where does a far left political operative land after his organization is fined $775,000 for election violations that included hiring rapists and burglars to register voters?
Inside the Obama White House, of course.

Obama’s ACORN operative in the White House Patrick Gaspard is helping shape domestic policy… and the NY-23 race.

From left: CECILIA MUÑOZ, director, intergovernmental affairs; MICHAEL STRAUTMANIS, public liaison; CHRISTOPHER LU, Cabinet secretary; HEATHER HIGGINBOTTOM, deputy director, Domestic Policy Council; PATRICK GASPARD, political director; PHIL SCHILIRO, director of legislative affairs; MELODY BARNES, director, Domestic Policy Council. (New America Today Mag)

Patrick Gaspard, who has a long history of working with ACORN-affiliated organizations, was behind the scenes this weekend persuading former GOP candidate Scozzafava to endorse democrat Bill Owens in the NY-23 race.

Gateway Pundit