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Want to see something funny? Read the comments on Newt’s site.

Newt, your political career is over.  You turned on conservatives so its our turn now.  You are a RINO and need to go.

Don’t think that’s true?  Take a look at the comments on your own site.  Look at the damage YOU did to the party.  No, you were not alone, but you definitely pointed out to us how far GOP had abandoned conservatives.  No more fake conservatives…  this includes you Newt.

That liberal/conservative — Democrat/Republican fence you’ve been riding is about worn out.
Maybe you should join Pelosi and Gore on the park bench and push the global warming hoax down the metaphorical road a bit further.

Conservatism first, party second. I no longer consider myself a Republican but a Conservative and will not hesitate to vote third party if that is what it takes to stand on principal. The RNC no longer gets any donations from me.

Next time you want to stop filming commercials with Nancy Pelosi and try and sabotage the Republican party, just go ahead and stick with the commercials. That way we all still know that you have no conservative credentials and you won’t do anymore damage than you’ve already done.
To you and all your liberal press loving "Republicans" – your days are over. Never again will I even take the time to listen to you on any major media outlet, let alone believe what you are saying.
Doubling down on stupid just wasn’t a good idea.

Gingrich: "Scozzafava did the statesmanlike thing in dropping out."
So, Newt, was it "statesmanlike" for her to now endorse the DEMOCRAT?!
A bunch of nobodies on the internet understood this situation from the beginning and showed themselves to be 10x as politically savvy than you.
Thus, the questions must be asked: are you relevant? are you necessary to the conservative movement?
Time to ask yourself some tough questions, Newt.

Newt, perhaps you should do the “statesmanlike” thing and drop out.

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