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Pajamas Media » ‘Unruly’ Conservatives Shock the GOP in NY-23 – A must read.

Go read this.  It is an outstanding article by Rick Moran over at Rightwing Nuthouse.  It explains in great detail what happened in NY-23 and how it might affect the GOP in 2010.

The wave that very well might overwhelm the Republican establishment in New York’s 23rd congressional district has actually been building since before 2006, when the conservative base realized that they were voting for people who talked a good conservative game on the campaign trail but changed their spots once they got to Washington. The issues were overspending by the GOP majority, corruption, and the failure of most Republicans in Congress to adhere to conservative principles. And exit polls from 2006 showed a large number of righties staying home rather than continuing to support incumbents who used them so cynically.

The anger only built in 2008, when longtime conservative foe John McCain won the nomination and proceeded to run one of the more lackluster campaigns in modern history. Even his choice of Sarah Palin could not undo the years of badmouthing the base for which McCain received praise from the New York Times but little else. Exit polls from that race showed at least four million fewer conservatives voted for McCain than voted for Bush in 2004.

Then came the Obama phenomenon and the wave became a a living force, animated by fear of what the president was doing to America and coupled with the seeming inability of the Republican establishment to effectively counter the president’s radical agenda.

Pajamas Media » ‘Unruly’ Conservatives Shock the GOP in NY-23

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