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Want to see something funny? Read the comments on Newt’s site.

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Newt, your political career is over.  You turned on conservatives so its our turn now.  You are a RINO and need to go.

Don’t think that’s true?  Take a look at the comments on your own site.  Look at the damage YOU did to the party.  No, you were not alone, but you definitely pointed out to us how far GOP had abandoned conservatives.  No more fake conservatives…  this includes you Newt.

That liberal/conservative — Democrat/Republican fence you’ve been riding is about worn out.
Maybe you should join Pelosi and Gore on the park bench and push the global warming hoax down the metaphorical road a bit further.

Conservatism first, party second. I no longer consider myself a Republican but a Conservative and will not hesitate to vote third party if that is what it takes to stand on principal. The RNC no longer gets any donations from me.

Next time you want to stop filming commercials with Nancy Pelosi and try and sabotage the Republican party, just go ahead and stick with the commercials. That way we all still know that you have no conservative credentials and you won’t do anymore damage than you’ve already done.
To you and all your liberal press loving "Republicans" – your days are over. Never again will I even take the time to listen to you on any major media outlet, let alone believe what you are saying.
Doubling down on stupid just wasn’t a good idea.

Gingrich: "Scozzafava did the statesmanlike thing in dropping out."
So, Newt, was it "statesmanlike" for her to now endorse the DEMOCRAT?!
A bunch of nobodies on the internet understood this situation from the beginning and showed themselves to be 10x as politically savvy than you.
Thus, the questions must be asked: are you relevant? are you necessary to the conservative movement?
Time to ask yourself some tough questions, Newt.

Newt, perhaps you should do the “statesmanlike” thing and drop out.


W.H. Correspondents Association Offering Press Pool Slots to Partisan Liberal Sites |

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Simply mind boggling.

Michael Calderone at Politico reports that the White House press corps is evolving to the left in the Obama era. Even as Team Obama denigrates Fox News as not a "legitimate news organization," even demeans it as a mere receptacle for GOP "talking points," the White House Correspondents Association is broadening its reporter pool to partisan, anti-Bush, left-wing opinion websites like Salon and Talking Points Memo, and also to the Obama-favoring black magazine Ebony. The Huffington Post is also planning to apply.

The WHCA’s most high-profile decision this year was selecting comedian Wanda Sykes to suggest Rush Limbaugh was comparable to al-Qaeda and wished to have his kidneys fail. Widening the press pool – a group which circulates one or a few reporters to cover the president everywhere he goes for the group – offers a higher profile of professionalism to whoever joins it.

Calderone contacted MRC for our reaction, and I gave it:

"If liberals are upset that Fox News is being treated as a legitimate news organization instead of a GOP talking-points channel, then it’s mystifying that the [White House Correspondents’ Association] is broadening ‘news’ media to encompass blogs and websites that raged against the Bush White House," said Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog group.

"Would anyone seriously suggest that TPM, the Huffington Post and Salon are more objective than Fox News?"

W.H. Correspondents Association Offering Press Pool Slots to Partisan Liberal Sites |

White House’s Media Attacks Part of a Troubling Trend. Wanna hear a really scare idea?

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Obama has made it plain that he is not against bailing out the failing liberal media.  Looking at how he took control of GM and the banks using bailout money as an excuse, do you think it will take much for the press to become physically (instead of just ideologically), Obama’s plaything?

Newsbusters has a great article up about the White House’s current desire to control what the press says.

The White House is taking it upon itself to police the news media. The trend started of course with the Fox News Channel, but the administration has moved on to bash other organizations, most recently the Associated Press and car site  It seems to believe that any criticism of its policies is worth attacking.

The White House claims, in the words of Valerie Jarret, that it will go after any organization that "spreads false news." But the attacks suggest that the administration will take on any outlet that challenges claims designed to further its agenda.

White House’s Media Attacks Part of a Troubling Trend |

Thanks, Newt. Thanks, GOP. Your candidate is backing the Democrat.

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In no way am I shocked, but in every way I am disgusted.  This is what we get from Newt and the GOP.  Any GOP elite who supported this liberal… You are a traitor to the party.

What a shock. The Daily Kos GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava is supporting the democrat.
Former GOP far left candidate Dede Scozzafava urged her supporters yesterday to vote for democrat Bill Owens.
The Watertown Daily Times reported:

In her statement Saturday morning, the assemblywoman explained the reasons behind her decision: “It is increasingly clear that pressure is mounting on many of my supporters to shift their support. Consequently, I hereby release those individuals who have endorsed and supported my campaign to transfer their support as they see fit to do so.”

During the day Saturday, she began to quietly and thoughtfully encourage her supporters to vote for Democrat William L. Owens.

Ms. Scozzafava finished a distant third in the latest Siena Research Institute poll with 20 percent support of likely voters. Her opponents, Mr. Owens and Conservative Douglas L. Hoffman, garnered 36 percent and 35 percent respectively.

Gateway Pundit

Barbara Boxer fears voodoo priest voters who steal souls with cameras… or just ask her questions about Afghanistan.

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Why are these people so afraid of just saying what they think?  Is it because what they actually think is usually anti-American and against what the people in the US really want?  Video is at the link at the bottom.

Barbara Boxer apparently holds meetings on the streets of Oakland, according to her companions, who didn’t want to allow a constituent with a camera to question Senator Ma’am on policy in Afghanistan. Boxer finally responds long enough to insist that Congress will not allow more troops to go into Afghanistan, which then prompts the question of whether we should keep troops there at all if we’re not going to fight to win there. Boxer walks away, even though the constituent calls her “Senator”

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Boxer: No more troops to Afghanistan

Pajamas Media » ‘Unruly’ Conservatives Shock the GOP in NY-23 – A must read.

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Go read this.  It is an outstanding article by Rick Moran over at Rightwing Nuthouse.  It explains in great detail what happened in NY-23 and how it might affect the GOP in 2010.

The wave that very well might overwhelm the Republican establishment in New York’s 23rd congressional district has actually been building since before 2006, when the conservative base realized that they were voting for people who talked a good conservative game on the campaign trail but changed their spots once they got to Washington. The issues were overspending by the GOP majority, corruption, and the failure of most Republicans in Congress to adhere to conservative principles. And exit polls from 2006 showed a large number of righties staying home rather than continuing to support incumbents who used them so cynically.

The anger only built in 2008, when longtime conservative foe John McCain won the nomination and proceeded to run one of the more lackluster campaigns in modern history. Even his choice of Sarah Palin could not undo the years of badmouthing the base for which McCain received praise from the New York Times but little else. Exit polls from that race showed at least four million fewer conservatives voted for McCain than voted for Bush in 2004.

Then came the Obama phenomenon and the wave became a a living force, animated by fear of what the president was doing to America and coupled with the seeming inability of the Republican establishment to effectively counter the president’s radical agenda.

Pajamas Media » ‘Unruly’ Conservatives Shock the GOP in NY-23