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A sad day for Honduras, a great day for leftists, like Obama: Zelaya returned to power

I feel so sorry for the pain that the US has caused to the democratic country of Honduras.  It’s disgusting.

Now we know why John Kerry demanded that the Law Library of Congress withdraw its report declaring the removal of Manuel Zelaya from the Honduran presidency legal, weeks after the issuance of the report.  Honduras, under new pressure from the US, has agreed to allow Zelaya to return as president to the Central American nation under an agreement announced this morning.  However, there is one piece of good news, assuming Zelaya keeps his word:

The interim government of Honduras has yielded to international pressure and agreed to allow the return to power of Manuel Zelaya, the ousted President who was toppled in a military coup four months ago.

The breakthrough came after renewed pressure from senior US officials who travelled to Honduras this week for a last-ditch effort to end the crisis.

“It is a triumph for Honduran democracy,” said Mr Zelaya after the rival sides agreed to a deal under which he may be reinstated as President within days.

Well, no, it’s actually not a triumph for Honduran democracy.  The parliament in Tegulcigapa had voted unanimously for his removal after Zelaya attempted to violate the nation’s constitution and fake a referendum vote, for which ample evidence existed.  It’s actually a triumph for American interventionalism, which this administration pretended to eschew.  So much for a humble foreign policy.

The problem should be short-lived, however (emphasis mine):

Mr Micheletti said that Mr Zelaya could return to office after a vote in Congress that would be authorised by the country’s Supreme Court. He said that the deal would require both sides to recognise the result of a presidential election due to take place on November 29 and would transfer control of the army to the top electoral court.

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