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‘This Is The First Step Toward Single-Payer: I Admit That’ | NewsBusters.org

Ed ShultzIs anyone surprised by this?

Barack Obama likes to claim he believes in the free market, even as he lards his administration with what Hugh Hewitt has delightfully dubbed "Mickey Maoists" like Anita Dunn and Ron Bloom.
But Ed Schultz has given away the game.  On his MSNBC show this evening, Schultz said of ObamaCare: "this is the first step toward single-payer. I admit that."
Here’s Schultz’s full statement . . .

ED SCHULTZ: I will admit there’s one Republican telling the truth, and that’s Orrin Hatch, and that is, this is the first step toward single-payer. I admit that.

Schultz was alluding to the Utah Republican’s statement of September 29th, recorded here by Talk Radio News Service, that ObamaCare was a “Trojan horse for a single payer system”.

‘This Is The First Step Toward Single-Payer: I Admit That’ | NewsBusters.org

  1. Dave B
    October 22, 2009 at 2:23 am

    Ok, now I’m getting really worried. Our elected lefty politicians are feeling emboldened to the point they will actually ADMIT it and openly say the words “single payer”. Has our Congress reached a point where the extremists far outnumber the realists that actually are offended by such statements and can easily connect the eventual loss of our freedoms and how that will lead to a one party government forever? It’s like a white guy in a white sheet yelling out the “N” word in the middle of Harlem with the mindset that he is actually in the middle of a KKK meeting. Either they are so accustomed to “code words”, surrounding themselves with “like minded individuals” that they let it slip, OR (this scares me the most) they know that they are protected, “out-gun” the opposition and far outnumber the people they are about to violate. I fear the latter might be the case, especially with the mental midget Washington “insiders” that live a different reality and can’t see it. Snowe, Graham, and McCain sure don’t inspire my confidence that the ones we will rely to save us from this have any clue as to what real people are seeing. Two of them throw the Democrats a life-line when they were about to implode all by themselves, and the other one insults someone that represents millions of people (Beck)in his concerns about the overall picture of what is going on… and he’s been proven right every time.

  2. ayfs
    October 22, 2009 at 9:37 am

    NOW your getting worried? 🙂

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