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The Jawa Report: New ACORN Sting Video: Philly!

UPDATE 2:  Big Government came out with this:

**UPDATE 2:24 PM EST** We muted the audio of the ACORN employees on the video released today due to ACORN’s legal attack upon us.  We call upon ACORN to state publicly now that it has no objection to the public release of any its employees oral statements to us.  If they are interested in the truth, why wouldn’t they do so?

UPDATE:  This looks like it is going to be crap.  Its obvious in the video that they were not kicked out, like ACORN claims, BUT it is edited with sections having the audio removed.  That’s a problem.  Up to this point, no one could question their accuracy, now they have opened themselves up to having that attacked.  Unless they release the un-edited version ASAP and it says the exact same thing, they may have done a lot of damage to themselves.  I don’t understand what possessed them to release this.

obamacornOh noes… More ACORN fun!  And this was the office that supposedly kicked them out and contacted the police?  OUCH

I went to college literally five or six blocks from this ACORN office at Temple University. I’m not shocked, given the neighborhoods of that area, that this goes on.

They utterly DESTROY the tapestry of lies the ACORN worker and the leftwing apologists and ACORN defenders put forth in the press. Notice that Media Matters was all too eager to help spread these lies, and how the mainstream press flacks repeat the lies told to Media Matters. Over. And over.

These leftwing "activists" are terminally afflicted with an inability to tell the truth. Are you shocked yet?

Remember the "police report" this office filed? That they "kicked out" James and Hannah? Yeah – didn’t exactly happen that way. To paraphrase the immortal words of the much-maligned Joe Wilson, "YOU LIE, ACORN."

The Jawa Report: New ACORN Sting Video: Philly!

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs for the link to Update 2

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