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Should Sarah Palin go on Oprah? Of course. Does she have a choice?

sarah-palin1People have been discussing this like she could really say no.  Yes, Oprah used her show as a platform to elect Obama and dissed Palin in the middle of the election.  Yes, this will not be a friendly venue, but that’s not the point.  There are several reasons that she has to go.

  1. If she said no, she would be accused of being afraid to face questions
  2. Obama has shown is fear of Fox News.  She can’t use the same excuse to avoid Oprah.
  3. Sarah needs to prove that she is a better person by showing up
  4. She needs the public exposure
  5. She needs to show she can answer questions in public from a hostile source.

This is a pivotal moment for her.  She can really screw herself over here if she makes mistakes, but at the same time, she can come out of this with a HUGE jump in popularity and image.

I know Sarah has the ability and the morals to be a great conservative president, but she needs to convince the rest of the US.  She needs to get out there and let people see who she is and how she handles herself instead of letting the liberals in the press tell everyone how horrible she is.

She has to go on Oprah and she has to do well.  Good luck, Sarah.

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