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Michelle Malkin » Obamacare doctor bribe fails in Senate, Reid whines

Harry-Reid-f-u-300x277Poor Reid.  His bribe attempt failed.

It looked like the fix was in. The “Doc Fix,” that is. As the Heritage Foundation has been reporting, the White House and Dem leaders scurried today to try and pass a $247 billion payoff to doctors groups as an enticement to support Obamacare.

Surprise: The fix failed. The cloture voted on S. 1776 failed by 47-53.

Michelle Malkin » Obamacare doctor bribe fails in Senate, Reid whines

  1. Dave B
    October 22, 2009 at 1:29 am

    Is anyone else horrified by the prospect that our government even ATTEMPTED to buy off the Doctors and medical professionals? Did they think they were… lawyers or Union thugs? Isn’t this the last group that needs to conform for socialism and redistribution of wealth to take hold before our multi-party system, our individual freedoms, and incentives for individual achievement are things of the past? They just attempted to breach the last redoubt while a majority of citizens are tellling them they are vehemently against a government takeover. If there are any citizens that can’t quite understand or refuse to believe that an American President, an Amemerican Speaker of the House (two heartbeats away), and a Senate majority leader could possibly compromise our freedom and democracy in our American Republic that has stood tall and proud for over two hundred years, had so many patriots and heroic individuals, has become the greatest nation on earth BECAUSE of the system of government we have protected for so long, for their own personal gain… then WAKE UP!

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