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Obama: We Need A $13 Billion Bribe… err… Bailout For The Old Folks

Fact:  Voter turnout is much higher with seniors than any other age group

Fact:  Dems are very much in danger in the upcoming elections

Fact:  Obama offers a $250 bribe to seniors

Republicans who vote against it will be vilified.  Republicans who vote for it will be reminded that it was Obama who pushed this.

Now why wouldn’t this be paid out of the existing stimulus funds that are sitting there?

Mark my words.  We will see a lot of money handed out as the elections get closer.  That’s the real reason Obama is sitting on most of the stimulus money.  Its bribe money.

Sure in the grand scheme of things, it’s chump change but at some point we have to draw a line right? Nope.

For the first time in more than three decades, people who rely on Social Security and federal pensions will not get an increase in their monthly benefit checks because consumer prices have stagnated lately in the weak economy, the government announced Thursday.

The twin statements, by the Labor Department and the Social Security Administration, came less than a day after President Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress tried to salve the impact on older and disabled Americans by saying the government should provide $250 payments to 57 million people who depend on Social Security, pensions, or disabled veterans benefits.

The president endorsed a second round of emergency payments, following a $250 payment to older and disabled Americans that was included in the economic stimulus package Congress enacted in February. The proposal, which the White House says would cost $13 billion, comes as the administration gropes for ways to sustain an apparent economic rebound without a massive spending package that critics could label a second stimulus act.

…A $250 payment would be roughly equivalent to a 2 percent increase for the coming year for the average senior citizen receiving Social Security benefits. Legislative sources said the likely cost was $14 billion, $1 billion higher than the White House estimate.

UPDATE:  It looks like Hot Air agreed with me about this being a bribe.

Barack Obama has a big problem with seniors after pushing his version of a health-care system overhaul all summer long, one that proposes massive cuts in Medicare funding to pay for new entitlements and subsidies.  How can he best resolve that conundrum and get seniors on his side?  Apparently, his answer is to toss $250 each to seniors as a means of cushioning the loss of the cost-of-living increase from Social Security, the first such COLA denial in 25 years

Obama: We Need A $13 Billion Bailout For The Old Folks

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