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Barney Frank lies about immigration law during World War 2.

Here is my question, Barney.  Did your parents come to America, hide from the authorizes, refuse to identify themselves, and send the money they make back to Germany?  Just curious.

See, Barney, there was this place called Ellis Island.  All the immigrants who wanted to enter the US went there, were examined, interviewed, recorded, and either allowed in or sent back.  They didn’t sneak across the border in the millions.  They followed the law.

Perhaps you should do some research before you lie more, Barney.  The US had much more restrictive immigration laws during that time than we do now.  But, as we know, Barney Frank has never found a lie he didn’t love.

Via Breitbart, a reminder that it’s never too early to Godwin a policy discussion, especially when it’s already super-charged with rage and bad faith. To be clear, he’s not comparing U.S. immigration law to the Holocaust; he’s saying that if immigration law then was like immigration law now, his ancestors never would have made it here and would have ended up in the camps. Which may, for all I know, be true in the particular case of his family, but as a general rule, it’s revisionist history.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Good news: Barney Frank injects Holocaust into immigration debate

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