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Star Wars geeks of the world, rejoice! KOTOR2 missing content restored!

KOTOR_II I am sure that the people who visit this blog for political news are confused as hell… unless you are a big Star Wars fan.

To fill you guys in.  KOTOR, or “Knights of the Old Republic” was the best Star Wars game ever.  Made by Bioware, (the guys who did Mass Effect) it was an amazing game, with amazing characters, voice acting, and storyline.  The story of KOTOR was so good, many people petitioned for Lucas to make a movie off of it.  It really has everything.  Romance, action, choosing between the dark and light, redemption, as well as some great background on the Star Wars universe.

Well, anyway… its sequel, KOTOR2 was developed by Obsidian Entertainment.  Basically the same type of game as KOTOR with some gameplay refinements and a new story, continuing on some of the things your did in the first KOTOR.  There was one MAJOR problem.  Christmas.  Obsidian was put under insane pressure to release it for the Christmas holidays.  To do this, they had to cut a lot of content.

KOTOR2, although good, felt incomplete and it was.  There were dialog options that made no sense or statements made by characters that went no where.  Infamously, was HK (a killer assassin droid) who wanted to hunt down the planet where the later models of himself were being made.   Other than him taking about it and that he would tell you when you got near it, its never mentioned again.

Happily for us, the content, although cut, was not removed from the game.  Voice files, graphics and more, although incomplete, existed in the game.  Thus began the holy task of restoring the missing parts of the game.  These guys have been working on this as a labor of love for years and its finally in open beta.

Anyone who has played KOTOR is probably doing a happy dance right now.  If you haven’t played it, go to your nearest computer store with a bargain bin and get it.  It was released in 2005 on the PC, so its an older game now, but WELL worth it.  If you have an XBOX 360, KOTOR and KOTOR2 will run on it just fine, but you will not be able to run the mod to restore the content in KOTOR2.

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords Restored Content project has entered open beta after years of development.

Instructions and download locations can be found on the Deadly Stream forum (spotted by EG reader Garthy).

The Restored Content project – as the name suggests – aims to reinstate much of the lost content found on the KOTOR2 disc but not in the game itself. The one year that developer Obsidian had to make a bigger and better sequel simply wasn’t enough – that much was apparent at review.

The Restored Content mod, lead by "DStoney", isn’t the only KOTOR2 restoration project out there. Team Gizka’s arguably more ambitious Restoration Project has been around since 2005, and remains unfinished but playable, albeit in a rough form.

KOTOR2 missing content restored News | PC | Eurogamer

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