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Record Teen Unemployment: Only WSJ Seriously Looks At Minimum-Wage Hikes As Cause | NewsBusters.org

Conservatives warned of this again and again, but simply got called mean spirited and we got to listen to idiots telling poor people we wanted them all to be paid next to nothing.

Conservatives realize that pay has to match what the market will bear and ever time you force someone to pay them more, they will hire less.  But for Dems, its a win-win.  If you are working and get a raise because of them, you are happy with the Dems.  If you lose your job, well, then the Dems will be happy to have a government program to help you become a slave to handouts.

Based on the data, the current job situation for teenagers in America is the worst on record.

According to Uncle Sam’s Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Seasonally adjusted teenage unemployment hit 25.9%. That is the highest rate in the nearly 62 years BLS has been reporting this number. The previous record was last month’s 25.5%. The record before that was 24.1% in November and December of 1982. A graphic of the complete history of the teenage unemployment rate that will open in a new window is here.
  • Unemployment among black teens not enrolled in school is over 50%.
  • The rate among 20-24 year-olds is also alarmingly high at 15.1%.

Almost alone among establishment media publications — and even then in an editorial, not a regular news report — the Wall Street Journal commented on this distressing set of circumstances, identified the most likely cause of the problem, and worried about its longer-term consequences:

Washington will deny the reality, and the media won’t make the connection, but one reason for these job losses is the rising minimum wage.

Earlier this year, economist David Neumark of the University of California, Irvine, wrote on these pages that the 70-cent-an-hour increase in the minimum wage would cost some 300,000 jobs. Sure enough, the mandated increase to $7.25 took effect in July, and right on cue the August and September jobless numbers confirm the rapid disappearance of jobs for teenagers.

Record Teen Unemployment: Only WSJ Seriously Looks At Minimum-Wage Hikes As Cause | NewsBusters.org

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