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Gateway Pundit: ANOTHER OBAMA SONG– 3rd Graders Sing Praises to Dear Leader

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I think we are going to find out that this is wide-spread as these liberal teachers are exposed.

Anytime I see this, all I can think is can you imagine how they would react if these kids were singing about Bush. 

That’s what makes it wrong.  Kids go to school to learn, not to worship some liberal’s idea of god.

Especially, teaching them through song.  How many songs can you still remember from when you were a kid?  I can remember many.  This is brainwashing at its worst.  Brainwashing kids too young to know its propaganda.

"The ground has shifted. The world has changed!"
Oooo yes yes yes yes YES WE CAN!
What’s going on?
Did the Teacher’s Union hold a contest for best Obama song?
Here’s another one–
A new Obama song by 3rd graders was recently released on the internet.

From MisterBee2009:

From the video:

We began to write the song after watching the Inauguration. Our school day is packed bell to bell with academics, but were usually able to spend the last five minutes of singing songs as short ELD (English Language Development) activities. Day by day we used this tiny window of time to brainstorm lyrics. As the song took shape, the children became more and more proud of their accomplishment. It soon morphed into a tribute to MLK and others honored for their work towards social justice.
By February the song was done. We got requests to come and perform from adjacent classrooms that heard it coming from our room at the end of the day. Their egos boomed. I decided to make it something they’d never forget by producing the video. Nobody forced the children to participate–in fact a few sat it out. When it was finished, they were hoping the President himself would see it and wanted to be able to show it to friends and relatives. We got the consent of parents as well as the administration and put it online.

Gateway Pundit: ANOTHER OBAMA SONG– 3rd Graders Sing Praises to Dear Leader

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