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Gateway Pundit: Iranian Regime Admits to Second Secret Nuclear Facility

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

From what JihadWatch said, Obama was planning on releasing this information and Iran one upped them.

"Although the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA) has been tracking construction of the plant for several years, Mr Obama decided it was time to put maximum pressure on Tehran by revealing its existence."  Spencer points out that this will not have the effect Obama wants.

It amazes me that these retards, Dems and Republicans, who deal with Islam have NO understanding of Islam.  In Islam, jihad does not end because your foes put pressure on you.  It does not end because you cave to their wishes.  It stops when all non-muslims are dead or enslaved or when a hudna is forced.

A hudna is a truce for no more than 10 years.  It is offered only when they feel they have no chance of success and its purpose is so they can grow in strength.  Once they feel they can win, the truce is forgotten.  According to Islam, “War is deceit”.

You can’t embarrass these people by showing they are stronger.  A second facility shows that Iran is much stronger and raises their status amongst muslims.  You want peace with Islam?  Destroy those who wage violence, destroy their ability to wage war, and support those who seek to reform.

So far, Obama supports those who wage violence, helps them wage war, and backs those who crush reform.  Great job, Obama.  Way to strengthen our enemies… again. 

Yesterday, President Obama and leaders of the United Nations Security Council signed an agreement. They demanded a serious response from Iran over their nuclear program.
Today, the Iranian regime announced that they have a second secret nuclear facility under construction.
Reuters reported:

Iran has told the U.N. nuclear watchdog it has a second uranium enrichment plant under construction, a belated disclosure sure to heighten Western fears of an Iranian bid for atom bombs.
The International Atomic Energy Agency said on Friday Iran had revealed the existence of the plant to IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei on Monday, just as six world powers and Iran prepare to discuss its disputed nuclear drive on October 1.

Gateway Pundit: Iranian Regime Admits to Second Secret Nuclear Facility

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