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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Zelaya return a bust?

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So, Zelaya hides out in the Brazilian embassy because:

  1. If he is arrested he will face trial for treason, theft, and attempting to take over the legal government by illegally changing the Constitution (he even faked the results of the illegal “vote”)
  2. He would have been at the Venezuelan embassy, but he is trying to downplay his connections to Chavez.
  3. He is a criminal who was removed from office by the legislative and judicial branches of their government with iron clad proof of his crimes.

    Democracy in action.  A constitution, similar to ours, with checks and balances that were tested and found sound.  As a nation, we can look at Honduras and see a nation protected by its laws, living proof that the core of our Constitution is valid and works well.  The only people who would be upset by this are leftist dictators who want to act without having to answer to the law.
    Like Zelaya’s good friend Chavez.  Like Zelaya’s good friend Castro.  Like Zelaya’s good friend Obama.

So, Obama is supporting a leftist dictator wanna-be.  Cutting of Honduras funding, revoking visas to officials, demanding that the criminal be put back into power.

He sneaks back into Honduras and calls his supporters to help him.  And they listen and show up.  All eighty-five of them…

The return of Manuel Zelaya to Honduras has not gone according to the leftists’ plans, according to a report by the AP this morning.  Instead of attracting throngs of supporters to carry him back to power, the deposed president has instead seen his small amount of supporters drift away from the Brazilian embassy, where Zelaya has been hiding since his surreptitious return to Tegulcigapa.  Even the Brazilians now seem less than enthusiastic about his presence:

Diplomats and activists streamed out of the increasingly isolated Brazilian Embassy in Honduras where ousted President Manuel Zelaya holed up with a shrinking core of supporters and relatives, prompting Brazil to urge the U.N. Security Council to guarantee the compound’s safety.

Zelaya’s backers ventured out at several points in Honduras’ capital to skirmish with police, after hundreds of their colleagues were routed by baton-wielding soldiers from the street in front of the embassy and police roadblocks sealed off the mission building Tuesday. Authorities denied local media reports that three people died in the confrontation. …

The government briefly set up loudspeakers near the embassy and shut off water and power to the building, apparently to harass Zelaya’s supporters inside. At least 85 Zelaya supporters and part of the embassy’s staff later left the building; none were detained. Services were later restored to the building.

Wow!  Zelaya got a whole eighty-five supporters to come to the Brazilian embassy, huh?  Impressive!  That’s about the size of the average college-football team, although it appears that most of those do a better job of rushing and tackling.

It’s not for lack of trying.  The UN apparently tried catering the event, sending a truck out for food.  Thanks to the crisis created entirely by Zelaya and a global community anxious to reinstall a leader removed for violating his country’s constitution, the only food they could find was hot dogs, which the UN dutifully delivered.

So now we find out the answer to the age-old question: what if you threw a revolution and no one came?  The answer is that the world will cater it for you, but for the most part, they will refuse to acknowledge that your revolution is remarkably unpopular.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Zelaya return a bust?

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