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Michelle Malkin » ACLU defends its CIA paparazzi project

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So, why are we so freaking concerned with how these animals are treated?  They have proven again and again that they are vicious animals.  Chopping off heads, suicide bombings, and so on.

We have waterboarded some of them.  Oh no!  Here is a thought expert for you liberal idiots.  I am going to lock you in a room with the man who kidnapped your wife, parents, child, etc.  They are hidden away and unable to escape and will die soon.  Will you offer him some food and a drink and spend a few days chatting?

My guess is that you would not be thinking that would be the best solution.

The reason it’s different is that these liberals hate America so much that the people and especially the military are evil and its ok for them to suffer.  The ACLU is the legal front of the liberal organization.  Do they defend Christians and Jews who are assaulted?  Hell no.  They defend jihadis who should legally have no rights at all, under the Geneva Conventions.

The 1949 Geneva Conventions that the US signed onto do not include protections for guerrilla warfare.  If they wanted rights and protections, they should have followed the Conventions.  They don’t hold to them, they lose its protection.

On August 26, my syndicated column blasted the ACLU for its spying operation on undercover CIA agents. The pictures of covert American CIA officers – “in some cases surreptitiously taken outside their homes” – were shown to jihadi suspects tied to the 9/11 attacks in order to identify the interrogators.

The ACLU responded to my column here, defending their paparazzi operation as both legal and ethical and attacking me as — wait for it — “insensitive” to the “due process” needs of jihadi enemy combatants.

Michelle Malkin » ACLU defends its CIA paparazzi project

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