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Obama wants…needs to pass “something, anything”

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Obama is in a bad spot.  Most of the nation does not want his socialist health care and and his approval index has dropped 5 points in 4 days.

The latest health care stupidity comes from Senator Baucus which seems to have little support except with the MSM.  Heavy taxes on the middle class and fine for having the audacity of not wanting government approved health care.  Wonderful.

I mean there is a good chance the bill would not even be constitutional.  The Congress is trying to justify that they have the power to do this on the Interstate Commerce Clause(ICC).  In other words, “We can force health care on every person in the US because we are allowed to regulate trade across state boundaries.”  They claim that the fact that you pay for health care means that it is a commodity and trade.   Bringing that argument to the point where they can force health care on everyone or bring health care, effectively required the reach of the ICC to become infinite, which the Supreme Court has been unwilling to do.  By that definition, Congress could tell you that you have to own a GM car because it costs money.

So, we have an unpopular, possibly illegal bill that Obama is desperate to pass, if only to save face.  So now what?

The confidence with which President Obama announced his intention to overhaul our health industry has been replaced with desperation to pass—in the words of presidential minder David Axelrod—"something, anything."

The President doesn’t really care what the Democrats in Congress eventually decide to do. I’m sure he’d like it to be as close to his long-envisioned Trojan horse for single payer as possible. But if it’s not possible, all he really wants to do is to sign his name to a bill with the words "Health", "America", and "Choice" in it.

It’s his legacy. I’m serious. You didn’t really think that a man who would write a personal memoir at age 34—before he had accomplished anything noteworthy—would wait around until the end of his term to start working on his legacy, did you?

Obama is the Narcissist-in-Chief. He won’t be satisfied unless he’s left an indelible mark on American life. He had hoped that would include unrestrained Leftist dismantling and reorganization of our economy, foreign relations, and social structure. But now he’s willing to settle for smaller victories if that’s all Congress can tee up for him.

And make no mistake. The Democratic Congress can still pass a bill that will cripple our health care system and Obama will happily sign that bill. A wild animal is never so vicious as when it is cornered and we have backed the Obama Administration into a corner on healthcare.

So What Do We Do Now?

UPATE:  It looks like the first step is that he throws the public option under the bus

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