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Obama Defends Decision to Shelve European Missile Shield

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ok.  Basically, this is Obama bowing to Russia, with one caveat.  I’ll get to that soon.

This missile shield would have protected the US from long range Iranian missiles and as an excuse, Obama is using intel that Iran is focusing on short and mid range missiles.  That does not mean they have no work going on with long range missiles, its just what they are focused on.

The missile shield would have sent a very important message to Russia as well.  “Eastern Europe is not yours.  Never again with there be a Georgia incident.”  The new message is “Its cool.  Do what you want.”

So, yes, Obama caved.  Now for my caveat.

They didn’t want it.  Around 80% of the people in the Czech Republic were against it.  Assuming that poll is correct and shows an almost universal opposition to the missile defense over there, the issue becomes much more complex.

So, now my question becomes, why are these people in office if so many are against it?  Somewhat similar to us, huh?  But this has been in planning for quite a while.  Why haven’t they booted them?  There are some questions as to why the situation is the way it is.

Of course, none of this affect Obama.  If anyone should be dropping the missile defense, its the Czechs, not us.  Obama’s entire concept of defending the country is to give in and pander to all of our enemies.

President Obama on Thursday defended a decision to shelve plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, saying the new strategy was devised in response to new intelligence that shows Iran’s missile threat is not aimed at the United States.

The missile defense system, planned under the Bush administration, was to have been built in the Czech Republic and Poland. The proposed system was pitched as a way to fend off potential attacks from Iran but it became a major irritant in relations with Russia, with whom the Obama administration is now negotiating a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

Obama Defends Decision to Shelve European Missile Shield – Political News – FOXNews.com

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