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Breaking: House votes to suspend payments to ACORN – AFYS: So the hell what? It wasn’t an ACORN funding bill

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  Ok, people.  Calm the heck down.  This is stupid.  Yes, this is one of my rare bitch at the conservative ones.

Look.  I am 110% behind stopping all government funding to ACORN and investigating all the crimes they commit as well as the fact (proven by their own corporate powerpoint slides) that they illegally backed Obama.

I am for seeing the whole gang of SEIU ACORN criminals be prosecuted to the fullest extent to the law.

I want to see every tie Obama and the Dems have to this criminal organization see the light of day and shown to the world.


Stop touting this sort of crap.  This was an educational bill and the Republicans tacked on a funding issue for ACORN.  The bill had nothing to do with ACORN funding at all.

So, why are we screaming about this person or that person voted for an education bill?

Here’s an idea Republicans…  PUT UP A BILL TO DEFUND ALL ACORN CRAP.  Then lets see who votes for that.

The fallout continues from the undercover videos taken at ACORN offices across the country.  The House has followed the lead of the Senate in voting to cut off funds to ACORN, this time in the Student Loans Bill.  The final vote was a solidly bipartisan 345-75.

How many newspapers will carry this story tomorrow?  How many won’t?

The other story in this vote is the fact that the US has more or less nationalized the student-loan industry:

The biggest change in U.S. higher education finance in 35 years was approved on Thursday by the House of Representatives, handing a defeat to major banks and student loan giant Sallie Mae.

Lawmakers voted 253-171 in favor of legislation that would cut the banks and Sallie Mae out of a large slice of the $92 billion college student loan business, shifting most lending into a program run by the U.S. Education Department.

The bill, supported by the White House, will go next to the Senate for further consideration.

Think of it as single-payer for student loans.  It’s a potential disaster.  We’ll have more on this when it moves into the Senate.

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