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NY Times modifies ACORN statement to protect it from the lies they told

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As I said, the liberals are going nuts because of ACORN getting exposed.  So, now, the NY Times has taken to changing statements released by ACORN because they were later proven false.

See, ACORN tried to say that the video sting was tried in other places and failed: like San Diego, LA, Miami, New York, and Philly.

Well, right after that, a video was released that showed that ACORN did try to help the actors commit crimes… In New York.

So, this happens in the NYTs home town.  Well, they would have to report that ACORN lied, right?  No way.  The NYTimes just changes the list of cities to exclude New York.

The NYT is serving as ACORN’s PR firm. Providing helpful editing services.

Here’s what ACORN claimed… before the revelation of the NYC video:

This recent scam, which was attempted in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia to name a few places, had failed for months before the results we’ve all recently seen.

The statement was embarrassing enough that ACORN seems to have disappeared it forever from their site — a pretty good red flag about the statement’s "operativeness."

But that won’t stop the NYT. The statement’s great — we just need to edit out a couple of words:

In a statement over the weekend, Bertha Lewis, the chief organizer for Acorn, said the bogus prostitute and pimp had spent months visiting numerous Acorn offices, including those in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami and Philadelphia, before getting the responses they were looking for.

And just like that, ACORN’s clear lie about O’Keefe and Giles striking out in New York City is airbrushed out of the picture, and the statement is presented as still possibly operative.

Duane Patterson of Town Hall places special emphasis on the fact that the "NY" in NYT stands for "New York." Hence, the New York Times would be expected to kinda know about the New York sting, being the paper’s supposed jurisdiction and all.

Holy Crap: NYT Scrubs ACORN Statement to Omit Claim That Sting Failed in NYC, Thus Preserving the Statement’s Possible Truthiness

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