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Hartford Courant Reporter Uses Pejorative ‘Tea-Bagger’ Term in Story

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Sometime I think that these people don’t understand the term… Then I remember how vile Liberals are to anyone who doesn’t agree with them and I come to my senses.

Gee! Guess where a reporter is coming from if he uses the vulgar and childish term "tea-bagger" when referring to tea party protestors?

Anderson Cooper was among the first "journalists" who used the "tea bagging" term back in April. Despite his initial glee over injecting "tea bagging" as often as possible into his comments on the tea party protests, Cooper was eventually forced to apologize for his highly unprofessional use of that term.

Although the use of "tea bagger" has now become generally recognized as the mark of liberal unprofessionalism it does keep creeping back into stories such as a few weeks ago when a CBS online editor used that term in his blog. And now we have Christopher Keating who took a dive into unprofessionalism due to the use of "tea-bagger" twice in his Hartford Courant article on a tea party protest. 

Keating managed to make it through a few paragraphs in his report before giving way to his inner child:

…Williams was one of the speakers Friday as the national tour of the Tea Party Express made its stop in Hartford. The tour began in Sacramento, Calif., and was headed to Washington, D.C., for another rally today. The group received an escort from the Rat Pack Motorcycle Club of Waterbury, whose members stood behind the speakers toward the end of the rally under the north portico of the state Capitol.

For more than two hours, and at times in driving rain, the tea-baggers stood outside to hear the speeches about state and local politics.

Having introduced that term into the story, Keating decided to go for an encore several paragraphs later:

Dodd’s campaign manager, Jay Howser, said that the tea-baggers have nothing to offer.

Hartford Courant Reporter Uses Pejorative ‘Tea-Bagger’ Term in Story | NewsBusters.org

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