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Power Line – Obama’s Honduran mistake

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have written about Honduras again and again and it just gets worse.  I am so sick of this administration finding groups who are allies of the US, who follow the law, and we turn on them.

I don’t know what more to say really.

At first it appeared that Barack Obama and his foreign policy team might be having a hard time distinguishing America’s friends from America’s enemies. With its treatment of Israel and Honduras, however, one can safely infer that they have a pretty good bead on the friend/enemy distinction. The problem is that in many cases they choose to undermine America’s friends and side with America’s enemies. They think they’re hitting a reset button or something equally sophisticated.

Today comes word that the Obama administration will cut off all non-humanitarian aid and may not recognize the result of Honduras’s upcoming presidential election, in an attempt to pressure the country’s interim government to accept the return of its deposed president. Honduras’s deposed president is the friend of Hugo Chavez who illegally sought to emulate Chavez’s ascent to permanent one-man rule. Honduras’s Supreme Court and Congress declined to cooperate. They support constitutional government. Like so much of Obama’s foreign policy, Obama’s tack on Honduras is obtuse and misguided.

Power Line – Obama’s Honduran mistake

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