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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Gallup: Union support lowest … ever

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Obama down, unions down…  hmmm, he seems to really want to make sure that when the Republicans take back the government, we do it with a huge amount of support.

If it wasn’t for the fact that you are destroying the nation, Obama, I would thank you.

The labor movement has a real public-relations problem, one of their own making, and Gallup quantified it yesterday in a new poll.  Support for unions has dropped below a majority for the first time in the 70 years that Gallup has tracked the question.  Most of the decline has taken place in the last year, and independents have been the key:

Gallup finds organized labor taking a significant image hit in the past year. While 66% of Americans continue to believe unions are beneficial to their own members, a slight majority now say unions hurt the nation’s economy. More broadly, fewer than half of Americans — 48%, an all-time low — approve of labor unions, down from 59% a year ago.

These results are from the 2009 installment of Gallup’s annual Work and Education survey, conducted Aug. 6-9. The 48% of Americans now approving of unions represents the first sub-50% approval since Gallup first asked the question in the 1930s. The previous low was 55%, found in both 1979 and 1981. …

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Gallup: Union support lowest … ever

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