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Sweden’s Healthcare Failures: A Warning to U.S. – Right Wing News

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Looks like Sweden is having just as much luck with it as the UK.

David Hogberg of the National Policy Center has an interesting, in depth study of the mess that is Sweden’s single payer healthcare system from 2007 that is very relevant to today’s discussion of Obamacare because much of what Obama wants has already proving a failure in Sweden.

"The experience of Sweden demonstrates," Hogberg says, "that when a nation adopts market-oriented reform for its health care system, the reforms will fail if the market is not permitted to work."

Hogberg discusses some of the detailed changes that Sweden made to its system in the 1980s. These changes were made because costs were getting out of control and the government felt some market forces needed to be added to the system to help balance it. But the efforts were half measures that didn’t work.

Unfortunately, waiting lists began to increase in 1994 and in late 1996 the Patient Choice and Guarantee was abandoned. By the early part of this decade, most counties once again faced a problem with waiting lists.

Hogberg went on…

In practice, the political notion of "equal access" actually means "restricted access." Swedes who do not have private insurance must wait, often for months, for treatment. For all Swedes who needed an operation in 2003, slightly more than half waited more than three months. The situation continues. Moreover, patients often wait in great pain and distress.

Sweden’s Healthcare Failures: A Warning to U.S. – Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views)

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